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The Turtle Room

Saturday, November 14, 2020 | 5pm-11pm

Carma's Place

2374 E Ellendale Ave., Dallas, OR 97338

The Turtle Room is the private office of Percy Proprietor and is always well stocked with a bottle of whiskey and a poker table.  We're expanding that to bring you, The Turtle Room... a one night only event.  It's a casino night with all your favorite Pirate/Viking/Gypsy buddies and is by special invitation only.  Want an invitation?  Contact Percy Proprietor on FB.

Poker tournaments will be played from 6-10pm.  The person with the most chips (cash amount) at the end of the night wins


This ticket gets you free entry into numerous events** across the eventing world for a full year!

LIVE acoustic set featuring: Toecutter, Lord Pockets and Jack Swagger



The Orc's Belly Bar will be on hand for all your libation needs.


**Numerous events include:

1 Hermitfest per Quarter

Iron War


Port Royal

Port Nassau: A Seadogs Refuge

Ausa Vatni

Tortuga Nights


The Turtle Room


Art: Joe Di Guiseppi (Used with permission)

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