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Ausa Vatni

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2020 Date TBA

2020 Location TBA

When a child was born, there was a great deal of ceremony conducted by the Norse.

For example, a newly born infant would be placed on the ground and then remained there until he or she was picked up by their father (or next of kin in his absence) and placed in the folds of his cloak. This act of picking up the infant by the father ceremoniously acknowledged the legitimacy and acceptance by the father as being his offspring.

The father then examined the infant for any abnormalities and judged whether or not the child had a future. This process decided the fate of the child as to whether it was to live or be left exposed to the wilderness to die. A custom commonly known to be practiced by the Greek Spartans.

If the child was free of defects and deemed to live, a sacred religious rite called the Ausa Vatni was performed. This ceremony was conducted by either sprinkling or pouring water over the child and then naming the child.


Our, Ausa Vatni is a community based themed camping event centered around teaching all the different aspects of what it means to be a pirate, gypsy, or Viking.  This event was designed to help you create or flesh out your persona, build your garb, learn to build boffers and the rules and techniques behind boffer fighting; and just to spend time with others who've been eventing longer and hear their tales of adventure.


Some of the activities offered are: (more details to come later)

A Fireside Chat to discuss persona building and eventing adventures

Garb Building Workshop

Boffer Building Workshop

Marshall's Training

Gladiator Boffer Tournament

Trade Blanket

Fashion Show

Potluck Dinner (Saturday night - please bring something to share with the event)


Kid's Activities ALL DAY (centered around persona & garb building)


Orcish Elder Majikail La Fae will be on site with 10-2 and his famous Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

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