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Orc Belly Inndustries Policies

The Board of Directors of Orc Belly Inndustries reserves the right to add to this list as necessary and appropriate, if and when additional and/or more specific behaviors are identified.   Policies are subject to addition or change without notice.

Ban Policy

It is the policy and part of the mission of the Board,  that all OBI events be welcoming and all inclusive to all peoples. 
However. In an effort to help provide a safe and festive environment for OBI'S patrons to enjoy, the Board feels it appropriate and necessary to publicly identify and state behaviors they feel should restrict an individual's access to OBI events. Individuals who have been found by the Board to have demonstrated any of the identified behaviors would be denied admission to OBI events. Whether permanent or for a specified time shall be determined on a case by case basis. 
The safety and satisfaction of its patrons are of paramount importance to the Board and this policy is instituted as a demonstration of that goal.

Behaviors deemed unacceptable by the Board  are as follows:

1. The individual is known to have caused harm or acted in a manner that presented a safety threat to other event goers, at previous events.
2. The individual displays non-compliance, argumentativeness or disregard to constabulary/staff when counseled about issues of safety and/or event regulations.


General Liability Waiver (for ticket purchase and event attendance)

By purchasing this ticket, I, the purchaser, (and others whom I have purchased tickets for) swear to hold no liability towards Orc Belly Inndustries, its Board of Directors or its members/staff for the incurrence of harm to persons or property participating in the event for which this ticket was purchased.  I, the purchaser, (and others whom I have purchased tickets for) participate in the activities of this event at my/their own risk and fully acknowledge that I/they have read and understand this disclaimer. 


You agree to be photographed, as well as possibly video and audio recorded by event staff.  All media will be vetted for appropriateness prior to any use. If you do not wish to be captured on these forms of media, please see the event coordinator.


Restraining Order Policy

It is part of the mission of OBI and its Board of Directors to provide for its eventing patrons, as safe of an environment as is reasonably attainable while attending OBI events. However, OBI and it's BoD are NOT enforcers of law and do not have the legal ability to enforce any regulations aside from the policies they have instituted. OBI does not have the legal ability to enforce any terms set forth in a legal Restraining Order.
The onus of adhering to the terms of a Restraining Order falls upon the individuals affected by any Restraining Order, and OBI is under no legal obligation or ability to enforce its mandates.
In the event that both parties affected by a Restraining Order are in attendance at an OBI event, OBI staff shall provide reasonable and equal aid to the parties involved to contact the proper authorities to see that the instructions of the legal RO are met.

Smoking Policy

As part of its mission to consistently provide safe, enjoyable and immersive events to all its patrons, OBI has established the following restrictions on smoking that patrons and staff shall adhere to while attending OBI events.

Smoking will be restricted to designated smoking areas and private encampments only. Designated smoking areas will be well marked and shall have receptacles for ash and waste.
No smoking of any kind is allowed in public spaces, or while walking the grounds or the road.
Private encampments may allow smoking with in the boundaries of their encampment, but must provide waste containers, and must shield their smoking area from public view with use of a visual barrier. i.e. within a tent, behind walls, or tapestries or tarps.

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