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Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games

October 17-18, 2020

Cottage Grove Armory | 628 E Washington Ave, Cottage Grove


It’s been a long, hot summer for the illustrious Queen Lilith, Jewel of the Empire. Spending several months away from the lands of her mighty Empire, on various missions of networking and diplomacy. Her travels have taxed her emotions and left her homesick for the familiarity of the Empire she so dearly loves. With a newfound determination, she begins the journey home.


Word spreads across the Empire like wildfire of their beloved Queen’s pending return and it is proclaimed that an exclusive gathering will be held to herald her safe return to the embrace of her homeland, the Orkney Islands Nobles and Freemen alike rejoice as they dust off their finery and make preparations for the event.


The fires have been lit, the Great Hall is decorated. The casks are overflowing, the musicians have carefully selected their pieces, and the populace is bedecked in their finest garb. All that’s left, is the arrival of the fair Queen. We ask that you join us in celebrating her return to the Empire.


**Please bring a dish to contribute to the Potluck Dinner**

Saturday, October 17 (All programing subject to change)

5pm - Doors Open

6pm - Potluck Dinner

6:30pm - Orc's Belly Bar Opens for libations

8pm - Burlesque Show

830pm - Puppet Show

9pm - Belly Dancing

930pm - Swearing Fealty to the Orcish Queen

10pm - Jam Session & Open Mic

Sunday, October 18 - get off my lawn by 10am

**A sleeping room will be provided, or you can sleep in your vehicle, or don't sleep at all.  It's up to you.



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