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Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games

Hearken ye! Hearken ye: Let all prepare for the Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games!

Honored attendees of the Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games. As OBI and the Graemsay Staff work to prepare and further enhance the grand spectacle the 6th Graemsay event will be, we would remind all ticket buyers that, as is standard OBI policy, the strict NO REFUNDS policy (acknowledged at the time of purchase by the buyer) for all ticket purchases remains in effect. This includes occurrences but is not limited to events that must be postponed to later dates or canceled, for any reason, be it pandemic, gathering limitations, closure, acts of Deities, unforeseen circumstances, or otherwise. Ticket purchases, as always remain transferable to other persons for this event, and/or similarly price events. (edited) 

Honored patrons of Graemsay.
First, the Orcbelly Inndustries (OBI) Board of Directors along with your Graemsay staff hope that you, your families, and friends are staying safe and healthy by taking the necessary precautions during this turbulent and unprecedented time in our nation's, and indeed the world's, history.

However, in an effort to ensure the aforementioned necessary precautions are taken, and to abide by Oregon State public health safety mandates, the decision has been made to postpone the 6th Imperial Games at Graemsay until Memorial Day weekend of 2021.

All current ticket holders shall have their tickets held in trust by OBI for use at the upcoming 6th event, and shall receive special gifts for their patience and support when the event does occur (which is already secured and being planned). Graemsay’s early bird special will be extended thru January 1, 2021 for others who wish to join us in the 2021 season.

The Board is sorry for the need for this postponement, but will use the time to make the 6th happening of the event grand like never before.

Thank you for your understanding and patronage.

Please stay safe.

To the Mountain!*If you require a refund please notify Luanne Johnson no later than April 15th. After that, the “no refunds” policy will be back in effect for the 2021 event.

Let it be known that the 6th Annual Orcish Imperial Games at Graemsay Isle are announced and shall occur over the Memorial Day weekend (May 22-25, 2020) in Stayton, Oregon.


The Graemsay Games are a series of games and Events in which all are welcome (21+ of course) and encouraged to compete. Test your skills against your fellows and vie for the honor of being named an Imperial Master of:


Your Choice of Ticketing Options:


We have the following cabins available:

1: Mohawk

2: Navajo

3: Shawnee

4: Sioux - SOLD

5: Kalapuya

Cabins 1-5 are $1000 and are known as “The Village”  

– for the more rugged independent Orc who likes their privacy.


6: Apache

7: Blackfoot

8: Cherokee 

9: Chinook

10: Santiam

Cabins 6-10  are $1150 and known as “Townhouses” 

Cabin reservations are non-refundable.

Cabin purchases are non-refundable.


Fee Schedule:
FIRST PATRON: $200 (includes special in-game benefits)
$100 - July 1-January 31 – Early Bird Special
$120 – February 1-March 15
$140 - March 16-April 30
May 1st – Pre-registration closed.

Registration fees are non-refundable.


All the benefits of VIP registration with the privacy of a tent space.  Tent VIP Packages are non-refundable.


Tent spaces are just $120... get them while you can!


  • Are you a current or former King or Queen of Tortuga? or the Realm of Chivalry?

  • Have you won Dog of the Sea?

  • Did some watery tart lob a scimitar at you?

  • Did you parents call you their Princess?


Then you could spend your weekend in the Royals Cabin!


Special Royalty Rate of $100 per ticket!!  Get them while they last, there's only 8!  Royals ticket purchases are non-refundable.


All the benefits of VIP registration and the comforts of your very own RV (includes 2 VIP tickets) for the low, low price of $350​.

RV package purchases are non-refundable.


  • Only one available!

  • Comes with 4 VIP tickets

  • Double the normal starting trinkets

  • A special "Percy Help" ticket for additional assistance in the games 

Ultimate Gamer Ticket Purchases are non-refundable.


We're opening up the infirmary to VIP ticket holders.  Infirmary packages include all the benefits of a VIP registration as well as a private bathroom with shower and come with four (4) VIP tickets.  There are only 2 infirmary packages available, and you can get yours for just $650.  Infirmary package purchases are non-refundable.


Spend the weekend in Ryznglas Castle with a select group of our friends from the Realm of Chivalry.  Ryznglas Castle ticket purchases are non-refundable.

  • Only 8 spaces available


Proud Sponsor of the Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games

Games/Event Information:


  • Agility Games - Twisty Stick, Viking Pillow Fight, & Rolling Jump

    • Show us your agility in battle training.


  • Live Steel - Axe Throwing, Knife Throwing, and Archery

    • Show us your prowess with live steel.


  • Physical Games - OOT! Rockput, Glima (Nordic Wrestling), and Viking Tug-o-War (teams of 2).

    • Demonstrate your strength to the masses!


  • Boffer Challenges - First Blood - Knife Fight, Don't Spill My Drink, and the Balance Challenge

    • Demonstrate your skill with a blade to an adoring audience.

  • Board Games, Yard Games, and Tablero.


  • The Iron Belly Tournament - compete with your fellow Orcs to see who has the Iron Belly!


  • The Orcish Wooing Contest - Perform a series of talent feats for the audience and be judged.


  • Prettiest Cabin Contest - Decorate your cabin better than the rest and win a special prize.

    • NEW in 2019 - Paint a cabin totem as part of this contest to help score additional points.


  • ​Quest for the Chest Treasure Hunt - Follow the clues to find the treasure!


  • Silver Poker Tournament - 1oz of Silver buy-in... play till you lose.


….More announcements of Games and Activities to come!

The Orcish Imperial Graemsay Games

will once again be held at:

the Orc Belly Inn and Tavern on Graemsay Isle, Orkney

Camp Taloali, 15934 N Santiam Hwy SE, Stayton, OR 97383


This is where the legend of Percy Proprietor and Orcish Hospitality was born!

The site has:

  • warm, dry, comfortable cabins with eight bunks apiece (Cabin VIP package available);

  • a large building (the pavilion) for meals and indoor activities;

  • A full kitchen from which we shall serve you meals made fresh and to satisfy an Orcish appetite (meals included in site fee);

  • The Orc’s Belly Bar for all your refreshment needs;

  • The Turtle Room outside entertainment area, for games, refreshments, and socializing

There will be an authentic Orcadian feast Sunday evening at which time prizes and Orcish Imperial titles shall be granted to those who have proven themselves to be Masters. At the end of the feast, A Bountiful Box of Booty shall be bestowed upon the Superior Sleuth securing success in The Quest For The Chest!

Keep up to date on details as they arise:

follow the 6th Annual Orcish Imperial Games at Graemsay Isle Facebook Event Page

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