Orc's Belly Inn and Tavern

The Orc's Belly Inn and Tavern is an in-game donation bar that you can reserve for your event.  Reservee is responsible for all alcohol utilized in the bar, but OBI will provide the Bartenders and Bar.  It's that simple!

**To comply with OLCC and WA MAST rules and regulations, alcohol may be served, but cannot be sold at this time.

Bar Logistics Service

Let OBI and Orc's Belly Inn and Tavern help you run your bar at your event.  We'll walk you through the process to keep you in line with OLCC and WA MAST Rules and Regulations as well as the insurance requirements for your event.

Then you take over and run your event.  It's just that easy.

Bartending Service

Hire our bartenders to work your event.  Our bartenders are licensed and well trained and comply with all OLCC and WA MAST Rules and Regulations.  Let us help you with your event.

Full Bar Service

Reserve our entire bar for your outdoor event.  We'll bring the bar to your venue, set-up, serve, clean-up and leave.  We provide the staff, you provide the beverages.  Simple, right?

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.

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