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Iron War

Iron War Logo-01.jpg

2121 Dates TBA

2021 Location TBA

Iron War 2020 has been canceled due to coronavirus.

News has reached the Emperor of the Orcish Empire, of talented warriors who would seek to engage in battle, and test their skill, wits, and luck.  So that the Fates, Destiny, and Chance may have equal sway, the Emperor, always one who enjoys a good contest extends his welcome and promise of safe harbor to any and all warriors, no matter their realm who think themselves brave enough to pit their own skills against the Imperial fighters. To the Mountain!

Grab your weapons and wits, don your armor, and prepare to fight your way through the wilds of the Orcish Empire.  It's time once again, for Iron War.  Fighters can expect battle games and a grand melee (aka The Bear Pit) to round out the weekend.  For those of you who are lovers, and not fighters, there will be quests to occupy your time and test your wit.  The lands of The Orcish Empire are yet unknown to many. Its Inhabitants are curious, brave and strong folk who may be able to help guide you to treasures or ruin! Each player will keep the others on their toes so stay alert!


Iron War is a combat simulation adventure (aka a boffer fighting event)! Attendees should bring their friends and expect to join in on battles throughout the day as well as quests. 

While roleplay is central to the design of the event it must be stated that it is not mandatory. In the works right now is a schedule of NON-ROLEPLAY activities for those who are looking for their typical themed event experiences. these will be activities like drum circles, socializing with friends, and finding drinks and other games through the night.

This is a pack it in, pack it out, tent camping event, so come prepared to leave the site better than you found it.  There will be no vendors on site, and no meal plan will be provided, so bring all your own food and drink.

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