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A Chili Cook-off

Feb 15, 2020 | 1pm-6pm

784 Ventura St N., Keizer, OR 97303

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Heartburn Chili Cook-off will benefit the homeless local to the venue.  

There are three ticket levels:

  • Attendee - come in and eat all the chili you want.

  • Chili Entrant - enter your best chili for a chance to win the prize (limited entries)

  • Chain Maille - purchase this add-on to make a chain maille artifact (limited entries)

Everyone walking through the door MUST purchase the attendee ticket.  Chili Entrant and Chain Maille are meant as add-ons.​

Chili remaining after prizes have been dispensed will be passed out to local homeless on the streets.

Want to help more?  We'll also be accepting donations of items to distribute to the homeless.  Socks, tarps, toiletries, gloves, whatever you want to bring that they might need.

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